10 Things For The Perfect 2nd Suite

I've recently received a lot of calls asking me to have a look at some properties with investors and homeowners who want to purchase a home and legalize the secondary suite or put in a new one. So what I've decided to do was a make a video to show 10 important things to consider before putting in an offer if your intent is to have a legal secondary in the home. 

Keep in mind that this is not an all inclusive list, and in my opinion are the major things to consider, listed in order of importance. The thing that you cannot get away with is zoning - if an area doesn't allow it, there's really nothing you can do. On the other hand, if it is a matter of renovating the property in order to achieve the proper building code requirements, that is something that can be done in most cases, but depending on what's involved might cost a lot of money.

This is my first video, with many more to come. Hope you enjoy it!