Past Projects

So far, we have worked with clients and cities on over 140 legal conversion projects. Here are just a sample of some, all of which were completed in accordance with codes and by-laws, and have been inspected and passed by the city.


Kitchener - Roberts Crescent

This basement apartment was already finished with an illegal suite, but was quite uninhabitable. Investors who bought this managed to transform it into a safe, legal duplex, while keeping most of the layout but changing the fire rating between the units and putting in new finishes.


Lindsay - Milner Court 

This brand new 2 year-old-home had the basement unfinished. The building code under Part 9 was a lot more strict for new homes, as we were not allowed to use the renovation portion of the building code. In the end, it worked out very nicely with a common front foyer for 2 separate tenants. This conversion had HUGE rental demand.


Hamilton - Grandfield

After receiving a neighbor complaint and a city inspection, this one was converted to a legal 2nd suite through a permit application and a variance through Committee of Adjustments. (Click photo to scroll)


Oshawa - Gibb/Grenfell 

This large 3 bedroom bungalow contained a finished but outdated basement. It was entirely removed and built brand new with legal 2nd suite containing 2 bedrooms. (Click photo to scroll)


Scarborough - Brimley/Finch 

This 4 bedroom back-split level home was converted to maintain a 3 bedroom upper unit with a new legal 2 bedroom lower suite. This is an ideal arrangement since both units have floor space above grade. (Click photo to scroll)


Hamilton - Upper Sherman/Limeridge 

A 1960s wood-framed bungalow with an existing finished basement. This was retrofitted to contain a kitchen in the basement and converted to legal 2nd suite status. Here we were able to maintain most of the existing finishes with minimal demolition work. (Click photo to scroll)