Step 1 - If you want to learn everything about legal secondary suites, and how you can use this strategy to create wealth or an excellent living arrangement for a family member, you'll need to grab a copy of our FREE E-book Legal 2nd Suites - A Beginner's Guide for an full understanding of:

  • How you can earn more money
  • How to take advantage of ongoing trends
  • How to do them correctly and legally

Step 2 - Find out what the basic requirements are for your municipality. This can be done easily by going to the website of your local building department. Or you can Google your city name plus "secondary suite" or "accessory suite".

Step 3 - Assess your existing property for legal secondary suite eligibility, or acquire a property which can contain a legal secondary suite. If you need help, contact Andy for a consultation.

Step 4 - Work with knowledgeable professionals who know the ins and outs of legal secondary suites, including the specifics of each municipality. These include Realtors®, Designers, Architects, and Contractors. We do design and permit work as well.

Step 5 - Go to our Resource section to get more info on this unique opportunity.