Here's where we differ from your typical Architect or Designer. In addition to having a team of experienced and fully licensed designers who specifically deal with the intricacies of legal second suites, we also work directly with the city on your behalf. Through our experience with a handful of cities, we have built a solid reputation to ensure that you obtain the required permits.

There are 3 levels of service we provide: 

Package A - Consultation* - $590 + HST (Onsite walk-through of property, analysis of zoning by-laws, building code requirements, and recommendations for optimizing second suite)

Package B - Design, Permit Drawings & Reno Coaching - $3,950 + HST (Package A PLUS design, measurements, drawings, reno coaching, permit submission, pickup & city communication during Approval process)

Package C - Project Management** - $8,950 + HST (Package B PLUS Project Management of entire project to ensure proper second suite conversion within an appropriate time frame - we source and manage all contractors, evaluate the work, and communicate directly with city during renovation)

* Package A has option for 1 hour phone consultation to assess property(s) at cost of $240 + HST. Cost can be credited towards Package B or C at a later date.

**Package C is designed for investors and homeowners who are limited in time to manage a project, while having the peace of mind that the job is done correctly - subject to limited availability.

Note: Prices do not include city permit fees (typically around $1,000) - Additional development fees, engineer fees, etc. may apply.

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To plan a project, please complete the form on the Contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Your service paid for itself and we are truly grateful." - Wayne Fisher - TheRealtyDeal.com

"I would not hesitate to work with Andy and his team in the future, and I plan to on our next project!" -Martin Kuev - MK Investment Group Inc.

"Andy is polite, professional and knowledgeable and he has even helped me months after the initial consultation ......He is someone you want on your team." - Kyle and Joshephine DesLauriers - Real Estate Investors